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Inheritance Money: Protecting Your Children from Themselves

Estate Planning is an opportunity to provide security for your family’s future in a way that is unique to you and your children. For some parents, the priority might be to protect their children from themselves. Some examples are:

  • securing a stable future for kids that do not use sound financial judgment,
  • preventing a child with addiction issues access to a large sum of money that could be used to feed harmful habits,
  • providing special care for children dealing with mental illness, or
  • naming guardians for your minor children.

All of these decisions can be addressed by thoughtful Estate Planning.

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Below is a table sharing some of the most common concerns clients share with us regarding protecting their children's inheritance from themselves and the ways in which a thoughtful Estate Plan can address these concerns.

How A Thoughtful Estate Plan Can Protect Your Children From Themselves



Minor children and Young Adults

  • Name Guardians
  • Maintain current lifestyle (private school, sports, music lessons, etc.)
  • Provide for future education plans
  • Direct a “gatekeeper” to manage funds to ensure responsible spending
  • Implement gradual transition of control over inheritance


  • Protect the inheritance from possible creditor or judgment issues
  • Secure a healthy financial future
  • Appoint a trusted 3rd party for money management

Substance abuse and addiction

  • Control access to inheritance
  • Support basic needs and rehabilitation without risk of harm
  • Protect from negative influences (money can often attract many “friends”)
  • Provide a stable future

Mental Illness

  • Oversight for management of funds 
  • Ensure funds are available for basic needs 
  • Provide access to special care and treatment
  • Secure financial stability over their lifetime

Estate Planning is often giving your family member what they need and not what they want. You will be able to name Guardians for your minor children, have a Trustee manage distributions from a Trust, protect inheritances from creditors and predators, and secure a financially sound future. Proper Estate Planning can be a beneficial tool used to manage all of your concerns regarding your family’s future.

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