Legacy Advisor Directory™

Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning are complex and ever-changing legal practice areas. At Hooper Law Office, we encourage our clients to include their financial advisors and tax professionals in their planning journey. 

Advisors Are Crucial to Your Estate and Care Plan

Financial Advisors play a crucial role in helping to align your assets with your plan for your estate and care. Advisors typically meet annually with their clients and are in a unique position to identify changes or other factors in your life that may indicate a need to have your plan reviewed by your legal team.

Our law firm is dedicated solely to practicing in the areas of Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning. For over ten years, we have provided education to professional advisors on factors that impact the success of your plan while helping them stay up to date on these ever-changing topics.

About the Legacy Advisor Directory™ 

The Advisors featured in our directory have demonstrated a commitment to learning about Estate Planning and Long-Term Care by attending our Continuing Education classes. The medallions displayed in their listing indicate the individual educational tracks in which they have participated.

Medallions for Financial Advisor Education Classes

Directory of Legacy Training Education Participants

Attend our Advisor Education Classes

Would you like to learn more about Estate Planning and Long-Term Care planning in order to better advise your clients? Our Legacy Training: Advisor Edition program is a fun and interactive way to earn Continuing Education credits while learning about these important topics.

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Hooper Law Office, LLC, is a law firm focused solely on Estate Planning and Elder Law, and does not engage in financial planning directly. The inclusion of any financial or insurance advisor or their company in our Legal Advisor Directory does not constitute an endorsement  of the independent advice received from an advisor on the directory. The purpose of this directory is to indicate that an advisor has participated in continuing education through Hooper Law Office, LLC and has completed certain continuing education courses related to Estate Planning and Elder Law through our firm, but the inclusion of the advisor’s name in the Legal Advisor Directory does not constitute an endorsement of the advice or opinion presented by the advisor.