Our Team

Priscilla Higgs

Funding Coordinator

Priscilla  Higgs is a  Funding  Coordinator at Hooper  Law Office, LLC. Priscilla is originally from Green Bay, WI and relocated to the Appleton area to attend Fox Valley Technical College to receive an Associate Degree as an Administrative Professional in  December  2021.  Priscilla has an extensive background in caring for the Elderly and serving them hands-on with their daily activities of living while they are in Long Term Care facilities. She plans to use some of what she has learned to  help in her new role as a  Funding Coordinator.  

Priscilla strives to be a team player, resourceful, trustworthy, and personable so that the clients of Hooper Law office have a positive and efficient experience with Estate Planning because she realizes the importance of making these decisions.

Priscilla strongly values the relationships and  connections created with clients,  members of  the community, family,  and friends.  Priscilla  has two beautiful children, Tyree and Za’Niya, and a fiancée that she enjoys spending quality time and creating memories with in her free time.

Priscilla Higgs